Friday, May 13, 2011


Lucky Number 13 today. Yes!

Wanted to remind some of you who have been asking about older releases, that there is some OOP Earjerk booty over at Tomentosa Records , check them out and get sucked into largest vortex of independently released obscuriana I know of. Anywhere.. Tomentosa! There will be no buyers remorse involved. It's all good stuff. LP's, CD's, Cassette's... all that AND great service!

Musicwise: Been diggin this here, Million Brazilians . I hope to do justice to their LP with a lengthier review at some point... considering the work put into the cover (not to mention the dizzying tunes) they deserve it! Looks like they hand painted old record jackets, pasted on their artwork and even rounded it out with a two or three page booklet about a certain specific shamanistical-type that the whole thing is based on. Sorry. It's much deeper than that- but I have no memory and am too lazy to go dig it out again and look, so, sorry for the sketchy details just trust me, it's nice.

1st side minimal tribal hypno sha man! Dizzying… inducing vertigo

2nd.. Fade out /in is some recording of far away fancy dancers … Buddhist campfire singalong… something like that...