Saturday, May 7, 2011

Breaking Down.


Where have we been?
I am not so sure.
Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Cleveland. That’s for certain…
For a version of our Second Family Band tour tale,
(One I have yet to read)
Toll around a bit on the tubes
And search for db Pedersen…

I can tell you that Emanuele, curator of the fabulous Sagittarius A-Star label, is a gracious host and such a friendly dude! We had quite a few setbacks on the road from Madison to Brooklyn; the car needed repairs… twice… and we ended up staying in Pittsburgh an extra day… and we were working on a three-day car funk … felt like I had walked across mountains and deserts by the time we crawled on that stage at the Old American Can Factory. Our wonderful time playing for Emanuele and everyone else at ISSUE, however, refreshed us like no shower could… well, almost.

By the way, speaking of gracious hosts; many thanks to Edgar Um for letting us ride out the day at his pad while the car was fixed!

Keep yer ears peeled for the mega Second Family Band jams to be released on the aforementioned Sagittarius A-star sometime in 2012! Bring on the END~~~We are as psyched as ever!

If you have been trapped in a closet for the last few years and don't know much about Emanuele's previous endeavor Qbico , it is as equally amazing- and we are indeed honored to be counted among such a talented roster of artists!

In Related News:
The Latest edition to the Earjerk catalog:
Second Family Band – Born on the Clouds – Tour only cassette. (EJK044) Limited to 20 hand-numbered copies. A split release with Tree Tapes. Just a few left…and come to think of it, it hasn’t been added to the catalog yet... just contact me here, check out our “store” link.

And here are a few random things I am currently stimming on:
Self titled, 1972 LP by Crystalaugur! Amazing, amateur (I mean that as a sincere compliment... it smacks of a heartfelt concerted effort of real people people... I guess this was originally released on a private press label in an edition of 200 copies. It was reissued on vinyl in 2002. I just stumbled upon it recently Mad City Music Exchange...

also dropped the needle on this baby: Jaki Jakizawa -  Can You Feel the Juices? 12" on Milvia Son Records. Didn't know anything about this before the diamond hit the wax, and though the A-side left me cold (a minimal evolving beat that was well executed but left me wanting what the second side gave up) the B-side was more than worth the price of admission. With a rabid, Moog-ish synth half-melody, a farty, fidelity-phasing bassline and these spastic analog flourishes which do not stay still -right up til the end, I had to lay down the fin they were askin'. It's a total sploodge at the finish, and it starts off with a Ricardo Montalbahn sample, no less! "Nancy... Do I smell fajitas?"...classic style!

More Soon!