Sunday, November 4, 2012

Second Family Band Does Weddings / The Mumber Toes Wedding Tape

Hi Folk,
The new Second Family Band tape is finished and it ships out Monday. The first side, 'Wrong Carnival, Kid'  is a throbbing rager worth the price of admission alone. Thrown down at the barefoot hobo haven dubbed the faux-op, this one will leave you dizzy. Must be this tall to ride. Please remove any loose items and keep hands and head inside of the vehicle at all times. The B-side splits it's time between a creepy carny lament, 'Nopus No.23' and a funhouse flashback titled 'House of Mirrors' that will definitely keep you amused.

After your done with the rides and the puking there is a new Drunjus tape in the food cart along with a few other things that have been simmering. We hope to serve them up soon, deep fried.
Speaking of good eats, I wanted to post about this goody bag I received from my friends April and Deave's wedding. It came with a little box of candies whipped up by April and were they tasty! In fact, I had to hand deliver a few of these bags to a couple people who couldn't make it to the ceremony and... well... let's just say there might be a few people who will read this and be surprised that these even came with candy... (burp). Love the coconut clusters, April!
The goody bag was a little white paper bag which was hand-printed with ink stamps. It contained a small card announcing the wedding, the aforementioned box of sweets and either a small flower pot or THE MUMBER TOES WEDDING TAPE... I am betting you know which one I picked.

Of course I grabbed one of the ones with a tape in it and was not at all disappointed. A more in depth review is pending but I will say just from (a very hazy) memory... the one side is some harsh and incessant synth stabbiness which works somehow but the flip side (and this is the shocker) the flip side is a straight and blissed out 80's new age synth massage complete with a happy finish. Beautiful and bizarre stuff as usual from The Mumber Toes.
By the way if anyone needs music for their wedding let us know...