Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pan to Scratch - Odomez Serie #5 - n.o.t.

Pan to Scratch - Odemez Serie #5

Pan to Scratch helps close out the Odomez Serie. The Odomez Serie was a kind of sub-label from Constantin Dubois' Nothing Out There label. This sub-label drew it's inspiration from a burnt out factory district in Odomez, France. 
I was led to Nothing Out There through my fascination with Przewalski's Horses, a project of Constantin and his good friend Aurélie Brouet.
After losing myself in the Odomez Serie I couldn't help but find comparisons between the love these artists found for this space and the love I have for similar places. I presented my own homage to neglected scenes to Constantin and he was kind enough to include it in the series.
Presented here are recordings I made over the course of one summer, my mornings spent crossing a doomed factory grounds, in search of coffee at the market beyond. My pipe dream, inspired by the emptiness and potential of these areas, is that of a landscape void of humans yet permeated with life, fhe factory's left to crumble, nature slowly reclaiming them. Slideshow with more photos here.
Recycled 60 minute tape with  insert and altered Polaroid photo in stamped envelope. Limited to 23 copies.