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Crisis And The Healing Image
Liminalism #1




Second Family Band
Family Album LP
Sagittarius A-Star



We only have a very few of these.  
This is a 3-sided journey into our Family history.
One black LP and one pink 1-sided LP with picture on the flip-side. 
 Imported from Italy on the very fine Sagittarius A-Star label.

side A
East to West
side B
Veiled Gallery
side C
Goodbye Asphodel

Nico Kain (A,B), Ivan Mairesse (A), Dan Woodman (A,B,C), Dave3000 (A,B), Clay Ruby (A,B), Endless (A,B,C), Ol'son (A), Iam Lee (B), Shane Verwey (B), Nick Johnson (B), Joel Shanahan (B), Nick Turco (B), Nathaniel Ritter (B), Brian Steele (C), Ian Adcock (C), Max Elliott (+?), db Pedersen (+?), Troy Schafer (+?), John Gould (+?), Nic Stage (+?), Karen Eliot (+?), David Stearns (+?), Clay Kolbinger (+?)

Side A
originally released by Earjerk Records on the East to West cassette.
rec. at Randy Street Bunker by Endless 2009
Side B
 originally released by Brave Mysteries on the Veiled Gallery cassette.
rec. August 2009 at the Harvest House and St. Mary of the Oaks by Nathaniel Ritter and Clay Ruby
Side C
previously unreleased.
rec. 2010 at Br. Early's Greenhouse by Endless.

artworks: David Stearns
design, editing, mastering: ep


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